Thursday, 12 November 2009

British Rail High Speed Train

The biggest movement in the world what develop machine manufacturing was called Industrial Revolution. During mid 18th century in Britain was 'The First Industrial Nation' in the world. The main idea was to created work time management by dividing jobs on particular sequences and to make more goods with a shorter time scale. This meant that every person would have specific work on the product and they would pass to another person who would add another part and so on to final piece. The Revolution took manufacturing out of the home and workshop to created mass production by the machine and this was called labour production. The public demands and cheap manufacture made were a new social movement during 19th century. One of the main advantages of this Revolution was public transport and industrial economy. England was the first country to be heavily covered by rail roads. One of the first railways was from Liverpool to Manchester 1830s with train call 'Rocket' with steam engine.

In 21st century a new generation of trains was designed to follow the same criteria of mass needs , more energy efficient, lighter, quicker, to carry more passengers and more reliable like previous designs in past. But in these days, we have better technology which can make product lighter, thinner with more capacity and confidentiality for customers. The new generation of trains is called the British Rail Class 43 [HST] and it is classified like the InterCity 125 High Speed Train power cars built by BREL [ 1976 to 1982 Derby]. It has been developed by a designer who has been controlled by Chief Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.

The engineering Designers had several elements, to find a route that would be suitable for the tight construction associated with a high-speed railway, the environment of country shape which rise several bridge crossing, although it does include several North Down Tunnels and the massive cut and cover of tunnelling works. The channel project also contain political demands, environment and community. From the start, the project manager's made stakeholders and planning authorities to include potential disruption to the communities involved.

Furthermore, the complete overhaul of the fleet interior is part of the 63 million pounds ''Refresh'' programme for the 51 HSTs and it will involve more than two years design work by ex Porch and Eurostar designer, Michael Rodber and Mike Muldoon, who designed many of the groundbreaking new trains in Hong Kong.
The Eurostar appointed Pininfari as designer for interior refurbishment. The Italian company is a world – class Design House that is best know for its work in the car industry [ Ferrari and Meserati as well as manufactures including Peugeot, Alfa Romeo etc.]. The company is providing interior and exterior design including engineering and styling.
The complete redesign includes everything from seats with comfortable posture to superb lighting and toilets, with 240v power points at the table level in First Class seats. There are also external liveries and new engines going in to each refreshed HST. The train will contend buffet area, contemporary toilets, textured carpets, overhead luggage dividers, hooks for jackets in both Standard and First Class and two wheelchair spaces in Coach E, which is close to the disabled toilet.
The HST have been change, the power cars have been fitted with new, more fuel-efficient and produce fewer emissions [ Ex. 64 per cent less CO2, 21 per cent less NOX etc. ].

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